Van Long swamp with Ninh Binh Motorcycle Trip

Ninh Binh Motorcycle Trip will help you to explore many famous and beautiful travel sites such as Cuc Phuong National Park, Trang An Scenic Landscape, Mua Cave, Nham Valley, and Van Long Ecotourism Destination. Today, let’s go with Motorcycle Trip to the Van Long wetland in Ninh Binh:

The Van Long wetland in Ninh Binh

Van Long natural reservation area is away from Ha Noi about 80km, which is located in the Northeast, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh Province. Also, this is the most abundant place for the ecosystem that is the residence of many flora and fauna such as Fish, Bird, stork and more than 40 kinds of Delacour’s Langur.

Besides, Van Long ecotourism destination has a great scene of mountain and river, tourists can sit on the old bamboo boat and enjoy the simple and peaceful view.

After traveling through the mountain, tourists can visit the Fish Cave, which is one of the most beautiful cave here with the romantic scene, small valley, and the mountain surround. And if lucky, tourists can see some langurs sitting on the trees.

Van Long swamp

How to travel to Van Long Swamp?

From Ha Noi, tourists can travel by coach at the Giap Bat bus station or the train from Ha Noi Station.

Tourists should catch the motorcycle taxi or taxi to come to Van Long resort. In addition, for the most convenient, tourists should rent a motorcycle to travel around Ninh Binh, also you can contact us or find us on TripAdvisor.com

Note: There are many signposts on the way so that tourists can easily travel around Ninh Binh.

The trip just takes about 1.5 – 2 hours, the tourists should combine with the trip to Trang An area or Cuc Phuong. For example, if they visit Cuc Phuong in the morning, then go to Van Long in the afternoon.

Besides, near Van Long Swamp, there is Emeralda resort, from which tourists can easily visit Van Long. However, this place is quite far away from other travel sites. For those who are near Hanoi, you can ride a motorcycle. But those who are far from here will surely find a place to rent motorcycles in Ninh Binh to hire.

Choose a motorcycle in Ninh Binh prestige to rent together go explore beautiful scenery here. In fact, the procedure for renting motorbikes in Ninh Binh is quite simple. So you just need to deposit your ID or Driver License and you can ride a motorcycle trip. And we have support for Motorcycle delivery